Titanium Wire Mesh is manufactured with un adulterated titanium wire. It can be utilized as a part of the screening, sifting in acidic and soluble environment, Gas-fluid filtration and other media separation. RajFilters has been executing the manufacturing of Titanium wire mesh since a very long time .

Titanium Wire Mesh Screen

Titanium wire mesh is esteemed for its high quality, light weight and erosion safe properties. It is utilized as a part of a various applications which includes: aviation, medical and plating, just to name few. Titanium metal has a defensive oxide covering,which helps avoid reactions with different active metals.

Attributes of Titanium Wire Mesh:

  1. Titanium has the attributes of light extent, high quality, solid erosion resistance and high-temperature resistance, wear resistance and stable execution in sifting.
  2. Titanium wire has minimum prolongation which helps to achieve uniform micron rating throughout the wire mesh cloth.

Uses of Titanium Wire Mesh:

  1. It is broadly utilized as a part of aviation assembling industry, substance hardware electric, desalination of ocean water therapeutic gear and different fields, assuming a vital part in the national financial improvement.
  2. Titanium work was primarily utilized for sieving and sifting under the corrosive, soluble base ecological conditions or gas and fluid or other medium partition.
  3. There are primary plain weaving, twill weaving, and Dutch weaving technique. Plain weaving is the most widely recognized technique.

RajFilters proudly presents itself as the prominent titanium wire mesh manufacturer, delivering 1 mesh to 250 mesh an unadulterated titanium wire mesh  material with steady and fabulous execution.

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