Copper Wire Mesh

Copper – The Versatile Metal Alloy

The existence of copper was known to be the oldest human civilization for thousands of years. During the Roman era, copper was mined from Cyprus, known then as Cyprus’s metal. Analytically it is a soft, easily soldered, ductile, and malleable metal. Copper is a chemical element, and its’ symbol is Cu, and its Atomic number is 29.

The freshly exposed surface of pure copper looks orange-pink and acquires a reddish tint. The softness of pure copper (99 %+) is due to its’ high electrical and thermal conductivity; that’s why it is one of the most demanded options within the wire mesh and electrical cable manufacturing industry.

Copper is vital to all living entities as a suggested nutritive mineral because it has an essential respiratory enzyme complex. The adult human body contains between 1.4 and 2.1 mg of copper per kilogram of body weight, and it’s mainly found in bones, liver, and muscles.

The weaving of copper wire mesh offers various mesh sizes. The commonly used wire diameter is between 0.3 mm to 1.2 mm, but the preferred is .6 mm. The regular weaving pattern is the square mesh size. Any weaving patterns and the type of wire can be applied as requested by the customer.

The copper wire meshes can be categorized into three different specifications: Fine, Medium, and Coarse.

The fine mesh offers 50 x 50 to 100 x 100 mesh openings per inch.

The medium-mesh included the mesh opening sizes from 12 x 12 to 40 x 40

The coarse mesh provides the mesh opening sizes from 2 x 2 to 10 x 10

It was a myth that copper brings prosperity and prestige; that’s why various art pieces were made out of copper for decorative uses. Besides, currency coins were manufactured at the mint using a copper alloy.

Copper mesh is very well known to provide a sign of wealth and prestige. That is why you will usually see copper mesh in a variety of decorative house facades in construction. It is also used for durable plastering reinforcement material for ceilings and walls.

Application of Copper Wire Mesh

  • Copper wire mesh and screens are available in an array of weaving patterns along with a wide selection of mesh openings.
  • There are many applications for versatile copper wire mesh. Copper wire mesh safeguards from electromagnetic radiation.
  • Copper wire mesh can easily be cut and shaped but still maintains its strength. It is used in numerous industries manufacturing electrical-based applications. Copper Wire Mesh is highly proactive for electrical and thermal conductivity, it is malleable and ductile as well.
  • Copper wire mesh is specifically used in the field of energy storage, electric heating systems, fumigation for pest control, air and liquid filtration and separation. Copper is excellent for electric and thermal conductivity as well as ductility. Copper is resistant to corrosion caused by atmospheric conditions, making copper an excellent choice in telecommunication. Copper wire mesh is one of the most demanded materials for many industries due to its flexibility quality.
  • As a good heat and electricity conductor, copper is used in building materials and as a basic element of various metal alloys. It combines well with gold and is broadly used in crafting jewellery. The combination of copper and nickel (cupronickel) is used extensively to manufacture marine accessories and coins in the mint.
  • Copper ensues in nature in a directly applicable metallic form. It oxidizes fast when left in an open atmosphere, composed of the air. Compared to stainless steel, it is softer and not resistant to the various oxidizing agents. The unique and memorable reddish-orange colour of Copper wire mesh makes it a smart option for many different types of users, including designers, artists, architects, Sculptors, metal artisans, and woodworkers, etc.
  • Copper wire mesh is durable in many types of atmospheres. Although copper is softer than stainless steel wire mesh, it is also resistant to atmospheric corrosion, but when attacked by oxidizing agents such as nitric acid, ferric chloride, cyanides, and ammonia acid compounds, it affects by the oxidation. Even when exposed to the atmosphere, it will naturally develop a thin green layer, known as patina.
  • With the flow of time, the copper wire mesh application has covered a broad canvas, including Energy storage, Electric heaters, Pest control fumigation, air & liquid filtration and separation, Health, body, and mind enrichment. A copper mesh is widely used as an electromagnet intrusion. It can also be used as a shield for radio frequency interferences.
  • With high abrasion and corrosion-resistant characteristics, it can efficiently filter the unwanted particles to ensure liquid or solid purity.
  • The mesh can naturally lay flat and can be cut into any shape by regular scissors. Various types of copper mesh are fit for creating artwork.
  • Apart from high conductivity, non-magnetic quality, and anti-corrosive features, copper wire mesh also offers a uniform opening size. Copper also has outstanding anti-abrasion and sound insulation abilities.
  • Also, copper mesh owns a special red-orange metallic lustre and can be made for many handicrafts or artworks.

RajFilters has mastered the art of manufacturing the finest wire mesh products of all types and sizes, from the copper that suits any project.

RajFilters & Wiremesh Pvt. Ltd. is the most renowned and reputed brand over Four Decades, manufacturing all types and sizes of wire mesh products from various metal and metal alloys. Copper Wire Mesh is a customized product, and it is made as per the specification. Our documentation practice at every stage maintains a perfect record of all the personalized products. The finished goods don’t leave our premises without being checked thoroughly by the vigilant quality control department.

Opening/linear inch Wire Diameter Width of Opening Open Area
Inches M.M. Inches M.M.
2 Mesh 0.063 1.60 0.437 11.10 76.4%
4 Mesh 0.047 1.19 0.203 5.16 65.9%
4 Mesh 0.063 1.60 0.187 4.75 55.9%
8 Mesh 0.028 0.71 0.097 2.46 60.2%
10 Mesh 0.025 0.64 0.075 1.91 56.3%
12 Mesh 0.023 0.584 0.060 1.52 52.4%
14 Mesh 0.020 0.508 0.051 1.30 51.8%
16 Mesh 0.011 0.279 0.0515 1.30 67.9%
16 Mesh 0.018 0.457 0.0445 1.13 50.7%
18 Mesh 0.017 0.432 0.0386 0.98 48.2%
20 Mesh 0.016 0.406 0.0340 0.86 46.2%
24 Mesh 0.014 0.356 0.0277 0.70 44.1%
30 Mesh 0.013 0.330 0.0203 0.52 37.2%
40 Mesh 0.010 0.254 0.0150 0.38 36.0%
50 Mesh 0.009 0.229 0.0110 0.28 30.3%
60 Mesh 0.0075 0.191 0.0092 0.23 30.2%
80 Mesh 0.0055 0.140 0.0070 0.18 31.4%
100 Mesh 0.0045 0.114 0.0055 0.14 30.3%
100 Mesh 0.0022 0.055 0.0078 0.198 60.8%
145 Mesh 0.0022 0.055 0.00469 0.1168 46.4%


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