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Certified with ISO 9001:2008

RajFilters has a wide range of products who’s quality control are been take care while undertaking manufacturing process and also cross-verified through proper inspection during dispatch. All the raw materials procured by us are from genuine dealers and all the necessary details regarding material’s chemical composition are assured before purchasing the material. We do care of your business so it’s a general practice for us to take qualitative measures of all products before delivery is executed. We believe to deliver quality products to our esteemed customers.

Quality Checking Devices Used

  • A Handheld Spectrometer gun
  • A Computerized Magnifier
  • Gauge Block
  • Periodically Calibrated Measuring Instrument
  • Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, Magnetometer, Ring gauge
  • Calibrated “go – no go” gauges
  • Thread gauge
  • Precision weld Measuring gauges
  • Optical Gomparators
  • Bubble Point Testing Machine
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

Quality Control Departments

Every product after manufacturing goes through proper checking by the quality department of RajFilters. For every type of product, we have established separate quality departments. A proper quality checking report is produced after every dispatch and is kept for future records and back tracking. Every product whether it is regular product or newly developed, special go – no go gauges are made, so that effortlessness of dimensional checking takes place at RajFilters.

Quality Employ

We not only ensure that our products stands high in quality but we take great attention in improving the quality of our employees. We believe that the quality of an individual matters a lot to make a successful and quality organization. We carry out technical training programs for our labors in our plant on regular basis. This helps the employ to increase his technical knowledge, working ability and also helps the organization to flourish. The employees are sent to various technical institutes to enrich their knowledge further and stay tuned with industry standards.


Every department, whether it is our quality departments, work stations or our offices; we provide a perfect ergonomic place for our employ to work. A good ergonomic is a necessity to improvise on every field of work.


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