Metallic fibre felt

Metallic Fibre Felt is made of metal fibre in micrometre through lapping, laminate, and high-temperature sintering. Multi-layer metallic fibre felt with pore diameter grads formed by layers of different pore sizes can achieve high filtering accuracy and larger dirt holding capacity than single layer Felt.

Metallic Fiber Felt has uniform pore size, high permeability, and mechanical intension. It is resistant to corrosion and high temperature and can be welded, folded, and reused. The Metallic Felt is an ideal high efficient filter media suitable for working at high temperatures, high differential pressure, and high corrosion atmosphere.

Characteristics of Metallic Fiber Felt

High Porosity

High dirt holding capacity (for in-depth filtration), Long on-stream lifetime, High flow rates: up to 20 times higher versus other media, +Low pressure drop (lower energy cost)

Thin Membrane

Cleanable, superior backwash and back pulse capabilities, Easy to pleat and weld.

Stainless Steel and Other Alloys Available

Heat and corrosion-resistant (dep. on the alloy). Not brittle, Chemical cleaning possible, Weldable, Low thermal expansion and no thermal shock.

Metallic Fiber Belt


Microscopic View

Specifications of Metallic Fiber Felt

Type Bubble point Pressure (BBP) Filtration based on BPP Porosity AIR Permeability
12300 3 70 10.00
7600 5 80 34.00
5045 7 47 62.00
10µ 3700 10 78 108.00
15µ 2470 15 80 180.00
20µ 1850 20 82 265.00
25µ 1480 25 79 325.00
30µ 1235 30 79 450.00
40µ 925 40 76 620.00

Comparisons between Woven Wire Mesh & Metallic Fiber Felt

Characteristic Non-woven Woven Mesh
Porosity 50-85% <50%
Flow rate + + + + +
Thickness 0.15 – 1. m.m. 0.1-0.5 mm
Dirt holding + + + + +
Pressure drop + + + + +
Corrosion resistance Excellent Good
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