How Wire Mesh Products Can Be Utilized for the Domestic Purposes?

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April 06, 2021

How Wire Mesh Products Can Be Utilized for the Domestic Purposes?

As we all know, the Wire mesh is being used for filtration and separation. The usefulness of Wiremesh is so much woven with our routine lives that we hardly notice that we are using the products made out of Wiremesh.

Wire mesh is being used at the domestic front for a variety of purposes, both inside and outside of the premises.

Let’s Here An Effort Has Been Made to Reveal the 5 Different Domestic Applications of Wire Mesh:


Mosquito Wire Mesh
                                         Mosquito Net Wiremesh

1. The woven wire mesh is being used as a window or door screen to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and other harmful flying insects; it works as an ideal provision for the ventilation and letting in the sunlight, keeping the internal atmosphere fresh and live.

The weaving of the wiremesh should be uniformed and immaculate. Everyone likes a glittering wire mesh screen on the doors and windows.

Wire Mesh Sink Strainer
          Wiremesh Strainer for the Sink

2. Wire mesh is being used in the plumbing accessories to filter the unwanted particles going to the drain pipe and prevents the blockage.


Wiremesh Tea Strainer
                Wiremesh Tea Strainer

3. The wiremesh is also used as a sieve to filter flour and other powder-like materials to separate lumps and impurities. The tea strainer is the most commonly used wiremesh product in every kitchen.


Wire Mesh Sieve
                          Wiremesh Sieve

4. The food grains strainers are used to filter food grains and keeps away the worms, stones and other non-edible particles, keeps the grains hygienically clean.


Fruits Basket
                     Food Grains Strainer

5. The architects are using specially designed decorative wiremesh to add the glory into the premises using special types of material and colours.

Architectural Wire Mesh
                                      Architectural Wiremesh

It provides an added glory to the internal decoration. These types of meshes can be manufactured using unconventional weaving style, different and eco-friendly materials. These decorative wire meshes are used as a metal curtain or into the door or window grills.

The application of artistic and designer architectural wiremesh adds glory or elegance in the lobbies, staircases of hotels, restaurants and other public places to enhance the internal environment. The Avant grade look adds royalty and an artistically pleasing view to the premise.


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