Spin Pack filters

Spin Pack Filter screen also known as polymer pack filter can be described as the Multi-layered wire mesh screens clubbed and binded together using Ferrous and Non Ferrous border.

In the bunch of different wire mesh screens, the finest filtration screen is usually placed in the center and the coarse mesh which is a supporting screen is successively placed facing the outer sides.

Spin Pack Filter Screen are an imperative part of the melt filtration and extrusion process. It effectively helps to avoid mixing of foreign particles from the extrusion process and provide a clean extrusion for plastic and polymer processing machineries.


We manufacture finest filters as per the specification and technical drawings given by the customer. It’s important to study the below mentioned details so as to produce filters as per the requirements.

LAYER: Single or Multi-layered.

WIREMESH MATERIAL: SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L.

BINDING BORDER MATERIAL: Aluminium, Copper, Brass and Stainless Steel. The binding border and its material grade is very important. If a cheaper or non-standard material is used, it will cause damage to the spinneret and may also lead to infiltration of foreign particles.

SHAPE: Circular, D shaped, Square, Oval, Rectangular, and other special shape as per the specification.

DIMENSIONS: The most crucial expect of a mechanical part is the dimensions and the working tolerance. The Spin pack filters are fitted on the Spinneret of the extrusion machine and it is very important to maintain dimensions. If the dimensions are not maintained, either it will not fit on the Spinneret or it might cause leakage in the process.

FILTRATION MEDIA: There are two type of filtration Media’s, which is used depending upon the application of the user. The same is specified below:

1. Wire Mesh: Plain Weave, Plain Dutch Weave or Twill Dutch Weave Mesh as Per Filtration Requirements.

2. Metal Fibre Sheet (Non-Woven): Certain applications require higher dirt holding capacity under high temperature and pressure, we suggest to use metallic fibre felt for better performance.

Our spin pack filters are used in various applications like:

  • Polyester Oriental Yarn.
  • Polyester Stable Fibers.
  • Polypropylene Yarn.
  • Nylon and Acrylic Yarn.
  • BCF Polypropylene Yarn.
  • Polypropylene Spun bonded Non-woven Fabrics.

Properties of Spin Pack Filters:

• With many years of expertise in manufacturing filters and wire meshes, RajFilters and Wiremesh Pvt. Ltd. provide a wide range of spin pack filter. In addition, we manufacture custom made filters to meet various requirements of our customers from different industries.

• We pride ourselves on establishing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of superior quality spinpack filters. Our spin pack filters are perfectly carved, passed through the vigorous quality control measures, ready to use, value added and available at the most economized prices. We also undertake the customized filtration accessories.

Spin Pack Filters
Spin Pack Filters

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