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Perforated sheets is punched mechanically using press and CNC technology, or in some cases, laser cut to produce a specific pattern or holes of any desired shapes.

Perforated sheets are normally light in weight, having better strength and load-bearing capacity than the other options like woven wire mesh, expanded metal, etc.

We are manufacturing finest range of SS 304 perforated sheet, square hole, embossed, capsule hole and circular perforated sheet with actual and timely delivery at competitive prices.


The process of perforating metal sheets has been in practice for ages. It is used in coal mines to segregate coal and other minerals. Initially, the punching was done manually, but with time flow and developing technology, perforation methods now involve extensive use of hi-tech machines to obtain the desired designs and customized patterns.

The metals used to manufacture perforated sheets are Stainless Steel 304, Mild Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Tinplate, Copper, Monel, Inconel, Titanium, and Special Alloys. It can also be manufactured from non-metal materials like Plastic, Acrylic, and other Synthetic substances.

To handle the ever-growing massive requirements of industrial growth, it became a must for the manufacturers to update their manufacturing capabilities by installing the latest hi-tech and fast means to boost economical production.

Types of holes/slots:

The perforations in sheet metal are a sequence of uniformed, monotonous holes or a complex pattern including round, square, triangular, hexagonal, and diamond as per the requirements and applications. Some of the known shapes are described below:
Custom Designed Holes:
Hexagonal Holes:
Square Holes:
Round or Circular:


Perforated products are used for various industrial and other applications like sound insulation, control of heat and electromagnetic waves, decoration, partition, etc.

For example, the perforated sheets are widely used in building construction to divide the area, build up power stations as it works as ventilation, various separate sizes of food grains in the food industry, etc. It is widely being used in the Pharma sector as well.

Perforating sheets can filter solid, liquid, gas, and other types of contamination. Hence, being important components frequently applied to rubber, plastic, petroleum, chemical, paint industries, sewage treatment, etc.

Besides, they are widely used in food and beverage, automotive and shipping sectors where the required filtration standards are maintained accurately.

Besides, perforating sheets are vitally applied in washing machines and dryer drums, speaker covers, automotive grills, and exhaust components, as a silencer in aircraft engines, grain dryers, microwave ovens, computer cabinets, and countless others.

Sheets made out of Aluminium or Mild Steel are most commonly used in auto parts, computers, rock quarries, shelving, household and domestic applications, and commercial hoardings. Perforated materials are used mostly as screens, filters, shields, guards, etc.

These sheets are easy to handle and install, durable, anti-corrosive, and cost-effective. They are manufactured using superior quality materials with meticulous punching patterns.

Why RajFilters?

Our perforated sheets are made on the latest hi-tech CNC-assisted machinery for sheer perfection, thoroughly tested on various quality parameters by our well-qualified and diligent workforce.

We stock a large inventory of various types and sizes of metal sheets to deliver the ordered goods within the shortest period at the most competitive costs.

Rajfilters & Wiremesh Pvt. Ltd. is a brand to recon, highly reputed, and trusted name in manufacturing superior quality filtration products. We have contributed immensely and invested a broad understanding and rich experience of more than 4 decades to excel the productivity. As a result, our manufacturing unit is highly updated with installing the latest hi-tech machinery and other competent technicalities.


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