What is Continuous Filter Belt Screens?

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January 23, 2020

What is Continuous Filter Belt Screens?

The Continuous Filter Belt Screen OR Ribbon Filter Screen is a revolutionary innovation in the field of plastic filtration. It refers to the Reverse Dutch weave filter belts made using high tensile stainless steel wires.

Filter belt is fitted inside an automatic screen changer machine which allows uninterrupted production and high filtering performance in Blown and Cast film sheet line, compounding, Pipe Extrusion, Multilayer Plant and Tape plant.

Due to the use of high tensile wire and a RDW pattern, Continuous filter belts are corrosion resistant and performs effectively in very high temperature and pressure.

It can be manufactured in wide ranges as per the customised specifications using the suitable metal wires and their gauges. It’s a vital component being used for the uninterrupted, accurate and effective production process.

What is Reverse Dutch Weave?

To simplify, it is the reversal of the plain Dutch weave. The warp wire or the wire placed along the length of the filter belt  are fine wires with smaller diameter and the weft wire or the wire placed along the width of the filter belt are coarse wires with bigger wire  diameter. This pattern weaves very sturdy and durable wire meshes, make it an ideal solution for plastic extrusion.

Reverse Dutch Weave

The latest high tech and robust plastic extrusion machineries are equipped with automatic screen changer machines, these machines runs automatically without any human intervention and thus offer consistent and economized production.

How Does the Filter Belt Work Inside the Screen Changer Machine?

The filter belt is fitted inside the screen changer machine having an inbuilt pressure sensor mechanism. When the filter belts gets excessively clogged due to foreign particle in the molten plastic, the back pressure inside the extrusion machine increases.

Due to this the pressure sensor mechanism activates and pushes the fresh part of the filter belt onto the breaker plate and the filtration continues.

RajFilters has successfully developed the knowledge and understanding for the manufacturing of continuous extruder filter belts and the process where they are being used. We create the most durable and suitable filtration solutions for the plastic extrusion machines to accelerate the production and profitability.

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