What is Monel?

The Monel is a combination of Nickel and Copper, one of the most multipurpose and widely used nickel alloys. Monel has a superior strength than an unalloyed nickel. Monel has more than 60% of nickel content which offers intense resistance to a variety of corrosion conditions such as alkaline elements, salty water, acids, and atmospheric corrosion. Due to its magnetic quality, it can be used for the equipment processing chemical & hydrocarbon, marine engineering spares, etc.

The Monel alloy is also known as Nickel-copper alloy material as its main chemical components are nickel and copper. Monel material grades are inclusive of Monel400, Monel401, Monel404, MonelR405, and Monel K-500. The most commonly used Monel mesh is made using Monel 400 or Monel K-500 grade.

It has a high melting point of 1300 F to 1350 F and this enables Monel wire mesh products to be recommended for working under soaring temperature conditions. Due to this unique quality, it is being used in the oceanic investigation and the development of petroleum products.

Monel is made using alloy. Comparing to the common Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Monel wire mesh offers superior heating quality and finds more uses in various heat exchange devices, heating equipment for boilers, etc.

Properties of Monel Wire Mesh:

  • High tensile mechanical strength in the freezing atmosphere, the strength can be increased by adding other additives and offering heat treatment.
  • Good weldability and resistance in corrosive conditions, static and running seawater.
  • Preventive against acidic and alkali media.
  • Can be cut, formed, and welded.
  • Cleanability and reusability.


Monel wire mesh is widely used in the following industries:

  • Industrial heat exchangers
  • Chemical and solvent industries
  • Deaerating heaters (To remove oxygen and other dissolved gases from boiler feed water)
  • Hydrocarbon processing equipment
  • Distillation of petroleum crude
  • Marine, oceanic, and aerospace engineering
  • Fittings and fasteners of Valves, pumps, shafts, etc.
  • Fresh water and fuel tanks, boiler feedwater heaters
Monel Wire Mesh

Monel 400 Wire Mesh

Monel 400 Wire Mesh

Monel wire mesh is used to manufacture specifically designed screen baskets and strainers in various sizes for excellent filtration. Besides, it is being used for producing customized Mesh strip gaskets, used to provide electromagnetic pulse shielding. These mesh strip gaskets are flexible, cost-effective, and highly conductive.

Monel K 500 Woven Wire Mesh

Monel K 500 Woven Wire Mesh

The inclusion of Aluminium and Titanium adds extra strength to Monel. This alloy is resistant to spark, corrosion conditions, and magnetic power. Besides, it melts at a high temperature of +2400 F. Due to this quality, it is being used to manufacture propeller shafts for the different types of sea vehicles. It is also being used for the chemical process application of harsh chemicals.

Mesh Wire Diameter Width of Opening Open Area
(Per Linear Inch)
8 x 8 0.0280 in 0.0970 in 60.20%
10 x 10 0.0250 in 0.0750 in 56.30%
12 x 12 0.0230 in 0.0600 in 51.80%
20 x 20 0.0160 in 0.0340 in 46.20%
30×30 .011 in .022 in 44.8
30 x 30 0.0130 in 0.0203 in 37.20%
40 x 40 0.0100 in 0.0150 in 36.00%
60 x 60 0.0075 in 0.0090 in 30.50%
80 x 80 0.0055 in 0.0070 in 31.40%
100 x 100 0.0045 in 0.0060 in 30.30%
120 x 120 0.0036 in 0.0047 in 32.26%
150 x 150 0.0026 in 0.0041 in 37.20%
200 x 200 0.0021 in 0.0533 in 33.60%
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