Customized Filters Manufacturer

Customized Filters or Custom Filters are normally made to the specification. They are mainly used by the original equipment manufacturers for various applications in their manufactured machines with the goal of protecting the adjoining components.

RajFilters and Wiremesh Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name in manufacturing customized filters as per the drawings and specifications of the customer.

Our technical know-how and state of art machinery give us the flexibility and strength to do various kinds of critical development work under one roof.

Our team at RajFilters and Wiremesh Pvt. Ltd. has got the passion and drive to produce filters that are unique and not easily developed.

We have helped various customers from different arrays which include automobiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. to develop filtration products as per their requirements.

Here are some filters developed by our craftsman at Rajfilters.

Customized Cylindrical Wiremesh Filter: These are cylindrical wire mesh filters, which have one closed end and one open end.

The close end is produced by folding and spot welding wire mesh.

At the open end, there are two cut outs on the cylindrical periphery.

The filter is made using various precision fixtures and is produced completely by our skilled technician.

Customized Cylindrical Wiremesh Filter
Customized Cylindrical Wiremesh Filter

Advantages of Customized Filters

Customized filters carry outstanding durability and are excelleAdvantages of Customized Filtersnt for use in continuous exposure to wetness. They are made to resist extreme temperature and pressure since they are fabricated from stainless steel materials using the elements like welding and crimping for toughness and strength.

As an alloy, Stainless steel possesses a high degree of resistance against rusty and caustic environments. The filters made using stainless steel are easy to clean, maintain and reuse. Thus they prove quite economical and cost-effective.

Construction of Custom Filters

The basic materials used to carve the custom filters are Wiremesh cloth, expanded metal, and perforated metal. The engineering requirements depend upon the flow rates and characterization of each material and decide the most suitable, accordingly. Let’s take the example of perforated material, having various types of holes like round, oblong, square, or another shape where the hole size is determined by the type of material to be filtered.

Customized Cylindrical Wiremesh Filter
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