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RajFilters is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of filter belts. Our filter belts offer superior and long-lasting performance, as they are ultrasonically cleaned and woven using high tensile wire integrating reverse Dutch twill weaving patterns.

We integrate the latest technology and manufacturing methodologies to produce a superior range of filter belt. We offer you a customized solution by providing the filter belt in different specifications and sizes for numerous industrial applications.

We have the complete range of Wire Cloth Filter Belts (Screen Ribbons) for continuous screen changers, utilized for screening foreign particles out of molten plastic. They are available in roll lengths of 60 or 120 feet, and widths to suit any size of the extruder, all with brushed (or feathered) edges.

Woven in Reverse Twilled Dutch Weave pattern from Type 304 High Tensile Stainless Steel, the following are standard screen ribbon grades:

Auto Screener Belts
Mesh Count Wire Diameter Mesh Thickness
Warp Weft Warp Weft
48 10 0.500mm 0.500mm 1.70mm
72 15 0.500mm 0.500mm 1.80mm
132 14 0.355mm 0.450mm 1.40mm
132 18 0.355mm 0.450mm 1.40mm
152 24 0.315mm 0.355mm 1.04mm
228 36 0.190mm 0.280mm 0.85mm

Made of high tensile strength, stainless steel wire

Particle size retention* of Filter Belts

Weave** Microns Inches Equivalent “Square Mesh” Value
48/10-P 400 .0160″ 48
72/15-P 300 .0120″ 62
72/15-Y 250 .0100″ 70
250/40-P 90 .0035″ 180
132/14-P 220 .0090″ 78
132/14-Y 200 .0080″ 85
132/18-P 175 .0070″ 90
132/18-Y 160 .0065″ 95
152/30-P 130 .0050″ 120
152/30-Y 115 .0045″ 135
250/40-Y 75 .0030″ 200
338/37-Y 55 .0022″ 280
400/120-Y 30 .0012″ 500

Our customer can avail the filter belts in regular sizes of 10 metre and 20 meter.

We also provides following produts:

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