Extruder screen is nothing but a filter screen, punched out of a specifically woven wire mesh roll.

Extruder screen plays a vital role in plastic and polymer extrusion process. The screens are placed on the breaker plate of the extrusion machine to filter out the foreign particles from the melted plastic. Extruder screen are made in specific shape (i.e. Circular, Oval, Rectangular and Kidney Shaped), using single or multi layered wire mesh screens.

The specifications of wire meshes for extrusion is determined looking at the quality of plastic raw material and contamination. Practically to extrude a certain kind of granules, the manufacturer tend to practise trial and error method to choose the best wire mesh combination for their process. At this point, the role of Rajfilters begins. We provide a complete filtration solution and an expert guidance to choose the best suitable wire mesh combination so that the customer can get the hassle free desired outcome.

Genuine and good quality extruder screens are typically made using Stainless Steel 304L or 316L grade material. The use of these specific grade material is due to their effectiveness against the pressure and temperature of the molten plastic. Moreover, due to the high tensile strength of the stainless steel, the screens can be cleaned and used multiple times till the aperture size is disturbed.

Various cheaper options are available, may be cheap initially in price but prove EXPENSIVE at the later stage.


Manufacturing a quality extruder screen requires an utmost attention at every stage. At RajFilters, we start from choosing the best quality high grade stainless steel wires which we procure from our approved vendors who are renowned to supply wires with consistent and accurate quality always.

The quality of wire is thoroughly checked by our Quality Control Engineers, verified by the QC report of the suppliers and documented.

Then the art of masterly weaving process starts by taking ASTM standards into the consideration. Weaving of wire mesh is an extremely specialized technic which is uncommon for the mass. Our next generation High-Tech machineries are yielding fine quality and high speed production.

Our skilful engineers inspect all the expects with great care and the outcome turns to be an error free, consistent and finely woven wire mesh.

The wire mesh is then calendared and slitted as per the production requirement. After that the slitted wire mesh rolls are sent to the power press department where a suitable mould is set on the machine.

The mould plays an important role in producing High Performance Extruder Screens. Before the commencement of the production, our moulds are inspected and documented so as to ensure the smooth functioning.

If the mould is not inspected prior to use, the chances of burr while punching are almost certain. The burr hinders the extrusion process by slipping inside the filtered melt, degrading the quality of the finished product.

The extruder screens are then sent to the welding department where various screens are precisely stacked together and welded.

Welding is another important process where the chances of rejections are high if carried out inappropriately. We use high tech welding equipments to avoid defects in our manufacturing.

At each and every stage of producing the extruder screens, we emphasise to carry out documented quality control inspections. This help us to control the rejection and the extruder screens are produced as per the strict guidelines and specifications of our reputed customers.

The punched extruder screens are sent for the final inspection and then they advance towards our ultrasonic cleaning facility. The washed screens are then dry cleaned and sent for packing.


Globally, there are various Extruder Machine Manufacturers having their unique mechanism and spare specifications which also includes shape and size of the breaker plate. Unique breaker plate design means unique extruder screen design too.

Over the period of 3.5 decades, RajFilters have been providing complete filtration solutions to industries manufacturing Masterbatches, Polypropylene yarn, PP Spun bond fabrics, Plastic Granules, Non-woven fabrics, PVC Compounds, Blown Films etc. This has helped us to understand the various specifications and precise requirements
of our customers.

Due to such a longevity in this field, we have developed almost every kind of mould at our facility. We pass on this advantage to our customers by not levying the additional cost of mould development. Since the moulds are readily available, we take the least possible time to produce extruder screens for our customers.

There are en number of extruder screen suppliers worldwide. But at RajFilters, all the manufacturing process takes place under one roof, we have complete command on our quality and that makes us different in the ability to produce the real world class, most economical and accurate wire meshes extruder screen.

Lastly, to summarize the above, RajFilters believes in a precious advice of Mahatma Gandhi –“it’s the quality of our work which will please the God, not the quantity.”

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