Best Drilled Perforated Pipes Supplier

RajFilters have been working successfully in supplying various kinds of customized products, as per the application and requirement of our esteemed customer.

One such job is the manufacturing of stainless steel perforated pipes of 16 gauge thickness and length of 500mm. We have successfully drilled 6000 holes of 5mm diameter in a single pipe. A highly precise job with tolerance of 100microns was achieved.

We can customize drilled perforated pipes as per the requirement of the user. For many applications which involve a special distribution pattern of material, with rotary motion .These drilled pipes find a very important roles for themselves.

A precise job work requires, precision machinery and having state of art infrastructure to accomplish such jobs are one of the key features of our company.

An in house facility of automatic drilling machines , CNC lathe machines , deburring machines and electro polishing machines , helps us achieve these jobs in the most efficient and  economical way.

We take a keen interest in developing customized products which indeed helps us evaluate and improvise our craftsmanship.

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